Since 1995 I have been building bankrolls it was 2014 that I came online to help the general public beat the Sportsbooks. I offer many wager opportunities for you: Teasers, Straight Bets, Parlays, First Half, 2nd Half, 1st 5 innings.
I Send out 3 plays daily and 1 of the 3 is a *BEST BET*.

Others Services Pick Games I Select Winners.


I am here if you need a Great Handicapper that can show you how to beat the Las Vegas Sportsbooks on a daily basis it takes great skill and knowledge in order to win on a consistant basis .

I have been doing this for over 2 Decades folks most services fail at making their clients money and i believe most handicappers just pick the better teams to beat the worst teams and that's not how to select a side or a total you have to take your time in selecting the right game at the right time and that's just what i do day after day.

If your gambling just for the action i'm not your kind of handicapper theres tons of handicappers out there that would love to just take your money and select any game on the odds boards and send it to you .

I am here to win because theres nothing better then going to that window and collecting big winnings and that's exactly what my clients have been doing day in and day out for years ,so i ask you the serious player if i could help you get on the right side of these games and win some cash wouldn't you spend a little money to get the winning edge on the Las Vegas Sportsbooks.?? I just want you all to think about this the next time you place a wager ask yourself am i really confident in this game ,here at Golden Lock Sports you won't have to wonder.



Due to Live Wagering we have decided to stop being monitored and the reason for that is that when a game has started most sites post our plays 3-5 minutes after a contest has started and that gives the sharp Live bettors a way to  play our Premium Plays without paying for them.