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Golden Lock Sports uses the Email Marketing System .I send the plays via email daily at 9:00 AM -MST.

I work on these Games 8-10 hours a day and you know what the old saying is the more time you spend on something the better you get.

My office hours are  Mon-Sun  9:00 AM -10:00 PM MST. If you need any information on anything please feel free to email me anytime Thank You.

Once you purchase a package and your email address is confirmed i will send you the premium plays 

each and every day after your plays are sent i will need you to confirm that you have received your plays for that day so there is no confusion on either end that you did not receive your plays .

I send my office phone number to all paid members after their email is confirmed i have that number to talk live 

to all clients and some like to receive the premium plays that way and thats fine if that works for you.

Thank You for taking some interest in my service .

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Once you sign up I will need your information so you can receive your plays.

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